The Old Tool Reprint Room

Reprints: N-Standard

Some of the reprints listed here were re-created from damaged originals. Others, especially those reprinted by Ken Roberts, have had additional pages of background information added to them. Conversely, some titles were not reproduced in their entirety in order to keep production costs down. Most reprints sell at a fraction of the cost of the originals, so building a library of them is far more economical in terms of time and money than seeking out originals.

Some of the reprints listed are still in print and available from the publisher. Others are can be located when offered for sale by antique tool and used book dealers or on online auction sites. Copies regularly turn up at old tool swap meets and in estates of tool collectors.

National Saw Company

National Saw Company catalog, ca. 1895

Nicholson File Company

A Treatise on Files, 1878

Norris & Son

Norris Metal Planes, book

North Brothers Manufacturing Company

North Brothers Manufacturing Company catalog, 1908

North Brothers Manufacturing Company catalog, 1912

Norvell, Saunders

Forty Years of Hardware, book

Ohio Tool Company

Ohio Tool Company plane booklet, ca. 1900

Ohio Tool Company catalog, ca. 1910

Oldham, Joshua

Joshua Oldham, New York, U.S.A.: Catalogue and Price List

Orr & Lockett Hardware Company

Orr & Lockett Hardware Company catalog, 1898.

Osborne — C. S. Osborne & Company

C. S. Osborne & Company catalog, 1911

Owatonna Tool Company

Owatonna Tool Company catalog, 1925

Peck — A. G. Peck & Company

A. G. Peck & Company catalog, 1891.

Peck Stow & Wilcox Company

Peck Stowe & Wilcox Company catalog, 1899

Peck Stowe & Wilcox Company catalog, 1927

Phelps Manufacturing Company

Phelps Manufacturing Company catalog, ca. 1941

Pike Manufacturing Company

Pikehelps Manufacturing Company booklet, 1913

Pomeroy, A.H.

A. H. Pomeroy catalog, 1886

Preston — Edward Preston & Sons

Edward Preston & Sons catalog, 1901

Edward Preston & Sons catalog, 1909

Edward Preston & Sons centenary booklet, 1925

Rabone — John Rabone & Son

John Rabone & Son slide rule book, ca. 1867

John Rabone & Son slide rule book, 1880

John Rabone catalog, 1892

Rayl — T. B. Rayl Company

 T. B. Rayl & Company catalog, ca. 1888

Rayl's catalog, ca. 1905

Record Works

record tools catalog, 1938

Richardson, M. T.

practical carriage building book

Rose, Joshua

Pattern Maker's Assistant, manual

Roys & Wilcox

Russell & Tremain Company

Russell's Screw Power Mower and Reaper booklet, ca. 1862

Russell Jennings Manufacturing Company

Russell Jennings Manufacturing Company price list, 1884

Russell-Jennings Company catalog, ca. 1899

Russell-Jennings Company poster, 1907Russell-Jennings Company poster, reverse

Sandusky Tool Company

Sandusky Tool Company catalog, 1877

Sandusky Tool Company catalog, 1925

Sargent & Company

Sargent and Company catalog, 1911

Sargent & Company catalog, 1925

Sargent catalog collection by Astragal Press, 1993

Sawyer Tool Manufacturing Company

Sawyer Tool Manufacturing Company catalog, 1904

Sears, Roebuck and Company

Sears, Roebuck and Company blacksmiths' catalog, ca. 1910

Shannon, J. B.

J. B. Shannon catalog, 1873

Shapleigh Hardware Company

Diamond Edge Planes price list, 1927

Shipman — A. H. Shipman Bracket Saw Company

A. H. Shipman Bracket Saw Company catalog, 1881

Simmons Hardware Company

Standard-Simmons Hardware Company want book, ca. 1912

Simmons Hardware Company exhibit guide, 1915

Keen Kutter catalog, 1930 Keen Kutter catalog, Smith reprint, 1930

Simmons Hardware Company pocket knives catalog section, 1930

Simonds Manufacturing Company

Simonds Manufacturing Company catalog, 1919

Smith — H. D. Smith & Company

H. D. Smith and Company catalog, 1920

Smith, Joseph

J. Smith's Key to the Various Manufactories of Sheffield, 1816

Smith, Otis A.

Otis A. Smith catalog, 1905

Spear & Jackson, Ltd.

Spiers, Stewart

Kne Roberts' compilation on Spiers and Norris planes

Standard Rule Company

Standard Rule Company catalog, ca. 1885

Standard Tool Company


Standard Tool Company brochure, ca. 1885

Standard Tool Company catalog, ca. 1899