The Old Tool Reprint Room

Reprints: E-M

Some of the reprints listed here were re-created from damaged originals. Others, especially those reprinted by Ken Roberts, have had additional pages of background information added to them. Conversely, some titles were not reproduced in their entirety in order to keep production costs down. Most reprints sell at a fraction of the cost of the originals, so building a library of them is far more economical in terms of time and money than seeking out originals.

Some of the reprints listed are still in print and available from the publisher. Others are can be located when offered for sale by antique tool and used book dealers or on online auction sites. Copies regularly turn up at old tool swap meets and in estates of tool collectors.

Eagle Square Manufacturing Company

Eagle Square Manufacturing Company catalog

Edmond — V. A. Edmond & Company

V. A. Edmond & Company catalog, 1889

Elwell, Edward

Edward Elwell catalog, 1865

Farrington, I. B.

Price List of I. B. Farrington, 1879

Féron et Cie

Feron and Cie catalog, 1927

Fitz Water Wheel Company

Fitz water wheel catalog, 1928

Folding Sawing Machine Company

Folding Sawing Machine Company catalog, 1896

Fray — John S. Fray Company

John S. Fray Company catalog, 1911

Fullam, A.J.

Illustration of A.J. Fullam American Stencil Tool Works, ca. 1860.

Gesswein—F. W. Gesswein Company

F. W. Gesswein Company catalog, 1899

Gifford-Wood Company

Gifford-Wood Company, 1919

Gleave—Joseph Gleave & Son

Joseph Gleave & Son, 1913

Goodell-Pratt Company

Goodell-Pratt Company catalog, 1905

Goodnow & Wightman

Goodnow and Wightman catalog, 1882

Goss, W. F. M.

Bench Work in Wood, book

Greenfield Tool Company

Greenfield Tool Company catalog, 1854

Greenfield Tool Company catalog, 1872

Grimshaw, Robert

Grimshaw on Saws, book

Gurley — W. & L. E. Gurley

A Manual of American Engineers & Surveyors Instruments, book

Hammacher, Schlemmer and Company

Hammacher, Schlemmer and Company musical tools catalog, ca. 1890

Hammacher, Schlemmer and Company catalog, 1896

Hammond—C. Hammond & Son

C. Hammond & Son Catalog, 1910

Harms, Jos.

Jos Harms catalog, ca. 1900

Harvey, H. H.

H. H. Harvey Catalogue, 1896-7

Hasluck, Paul N.

Handyman's Book of Tools, Materials, and Processes Employed in Working Wood, book

Hazen, Edward

Hazen's Popular Technology

Higganum Manufacturing Corporation

Higganum farm equipment catalog, ca 1880

Hill — James R. Hill & Company

James R. Hill & Company catalog, ca. 1912

Hirth & Krause

Hirth and Krause catalog, 1890

Hoe — R. Hoe & Company

R. Hoe & Company catalog, 1855

Hoole Machine and Engraving Works

Hoole Machine and Engraving Works catalog, 1911

Howard Watch and Clock company

Howard Watch and Clock Company catalog, 1874

Howarth — James Howarth & Sons

James Howarth and Sons catalog, 1884

Hynson Tool & Supply Company

Hynson Tool and Supply Company catalog no. 52

Jackson & Tyler

Price List of Jackson and Tyler, 1880, blue cover Price List of Jackson and Tyler, 1880, gray cover

Jackson, Robert S.

S. Robert Jackson catalog, ca. 1912.

Jennings — C. E. Jennings & Company

C. E. Jennings and Company catalog, 1901

C. E. Jennings and Company catalog, ca. 1913

Knight's Dictionary

Knight's American Mechanical Dictionary

Knight's New Mechanical Dictionary

Lang & Jacobs

Lang and Jacobs catalog, pink cover, 1884 Lang and Jacobs catalog, green cover, 1884

Lufkin Rule Company

Lufkin catalog no. 10

Ken Roberts' Lufkin catalog compilation

Lukin, James

Turning lathes guide by James Lukin

Marbles Company

Marbles Safety Axe Company catalog, 1905

Marbles Arms & Mfg. Company catalog, 1933

Marples — William Marples & Sons

William Marples and Sons, 1909 catalog

William Marples and Sons American tools catalog, 1909

Marshall-Wells Hardware Company

Marshall-Wells Company catalog, ca. 1910

Mathieson—Alexander Mathieson & Sons

Alexander Mathieson & Sons catalog variant, 1899

Alexander Mathieson & Sons catalog, 1899

Maydole—David Maydole Hammer Company

David Maydole Hammer Company catalog, 1917

Millers Falls Company

Millers Falls Company catalog, 1878

Millers Falls Company catalog, 1887, blue coverMillers Falls Company catalog, 1887, yellow cover

Millers Falls Company catalog, 1894

Millers Falls Company catalog, 1915

Millers Falls Company catalog, 1938

Moxon, Joseph.

Moxon cover by Astragal PressMoxon cover by Toolemera Press