The Old Tool Reprint Room

Reprints: A-D

Some of the reprints listed here were re-created from damaged originals. Others, especially those reprinted by Ken Roberts, have had additional pages of background information added to them. Conversely, some titles were not reproduced in their entirety in order to keep production costs down. Most reprints sell at a fraction of the cost of the originals, so building a library of them is far more economical in terms of time and money than seeking out originals.

Some of the reprints listed are still in print and available from the publisher. Others are can be located when offered for sale by antique tool and used book dealers or on online auction sites. Copies regularly turn up at old tool swap meets and in estates of tool collectors.

Allen — A. B. Allen & Company

A. B. Allen and Company catalog, 1842

Allen — R. J. Allen, Son & Company

R. J. Allen, Son and Company cicular, ca. 1880 R. J. Allen, Son and Company circular, reverse, ca. 1880

American Axe & Tool Company

American Axe Company catalog, 1894

American Saw Company

American Watch Company

American Watch Company booklet ca. 1884

American Watch Tool Company

Appleton's Cyclopedia

Appletons' Cyclopaedia of Applied Mechanics

Appletons' Cyclopaedia of Applied Mechanics, supplement

Arrowmammett Works

Arrowmammett Works catalog, 1857

Arthur, Henry

Henry Arthur cobblers' accessories catalog, 1874

Astragal Press

handsaw catalog collection,book

Atha Tool Company

Atha Tool Company catalog, 1883

Atkins — E. C. Atkins & Company

Atkins Saw Sense booklet

Auburn Tool Company

Auburn Tool Company catalog, 1869

Bailey — Leonard Bailey and Company

L. Bailey and Company price list, 1876

L. Bailey and Company price list, 1883

Bailey Wringing Machine Company

Defiance bench planes price list, 1876

Barnes — W. F. & John Barnes Company

W. F. & John Barnes Company circular, 1882

Barnes metal working machinery catalog, 1896

Barnes lathe catalog, 1903

Barnes woodworking catalog, 1907

Barton—D. R. Barton & Company

D.R. Barton catalog, 1873

D.R. Barton catalog, 1894

Belcher Brothers & Company

Belcher Brothers & Company catalog, 1860

Berger — C. L. Berger & Sons

C.L. Berger & Sons catalog, 1900

Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Company

Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Company price list, ca. 1885

Bliss — R. Bliss Manufacturing Company

R. Bliss Manufacturing Company catalog ca. 1889

Bradley — G. W. Bradley Edge Tool Factory

Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Corporation

Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Company catalog, 1925.

Brombacher — A. F. Brombacher & Company

 A. F. Brombacher and Company catalog, 1922.

Brown & Sharpe

The Micrometer's Story: 1867-1902, booklet

Brown & Sharpe Catalogue Collection, book

Buck & Hickman, Ltd.

Buck and Hickman catalog, 1902

Buck Brothers

Buck Brothers broadside, ca. 1890

Buck Brothers catalog, 1890

Buff & Berger

Buff and Berger catalog, 1897

Buffum Tool Company

Buffum Tool Company, 1912

Carr — William H. Carr & Company

William H. Carr catalog, 1838

Champion Blower and Forge Co.

Champion Blower and Forge Company catalog

Chaney, George

Wood-Working Tools, How to Use Them: a Manual


Hermon Chapin price list, 1853

Hermon Chapin price list, 1859

Foss Patent Adjustable Iron Planes, booklet, 1878

H. Chapin's Son catalog, 1890

Chapin-Stephens Company catalog, 1914 Chapin-Stephens Company catalog variant, 1914

Chapple, William

William Chapple catalog, 1876

Cheney — Henry Cheney Hammer Company

Henry Cheney Hammer Company catalog, 1904

Cincinnati Tool Company

Cincinnati Tool Company catalog, 1923

Coes Wrench Company

Coes Wrench Company catalog, 1908?

Collins Company

Collins and Company catalog, 1921

Collins Company history booklet, 1935

Collins Company catalog, 1936

The Axe: Its Manufacture Choice and Care

Connecticut Valley Manufacturing Company

Connecticut Valley Manufacturing Company, 1939

Dalpé, Semuel

Sem. Dalpé price list, 1889

Darling, Brown & Sharpe

Davis Level & Tool Company

Davis Level & Tool Company advertisement, 1871

Davis Level & Tool Company catalog, ca. 1887


Henry Disston & Sons catalog, 1876

Henry Disston & Sons catalog, 1886

Disston promotional booklet, 1900

Handbook for Lumbermen, 1902

Disston Handbook on Saws, 1907

Henry Disston & Sons catalog, 1914

The Saw in History, 1915

The Saw in History, 1926

Henry Disston & Sons manual, 1937

Double Claw Hammer Company

Double Claw Hammer Company promotional booklet, ca. 1905

Drew — C. Drew & Company

C. Drew & Company catalog, ca. 1925