Discovering the Fascinating World of Antique Tools


J. Gibson boxwood plow planeThe world of antique tool collecting is a fascinating indeed. These links will direct you to some of the best sites on the web. While many collectors also use their tools for work or pleasure, those claiming to be interested only in the use of vintage tools are often closet collectors. If you choose to pursue an interest in old tools, please be kind. More antique tools are destroyed by misguided restoration attempts than by neglect.

Auctions & Consulting


Yesteryears Tools — Tom Lamond's site concentrates on ax markings and labels

Bit braces

A Collection of Bit Braces — a site on the development of the the metallic bit brace maintained by Sandy Moss


Discussion groups


Geographic emphasis

Rhode Island Toolmakers — the title pretty much says it all, a nice site, with much info on early plane makers

Hand drills

George's Basement — features include type studies of the Millers Falls Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 5 hand drills.

Hand planes



Reprints, paper and electronic



Spiral Screwdriver Patents — Cliff Fales' listing of spiral screwdriver patents from 1868 through 1931 includes digitized versions of his periodical articles.

Woodworking machinery

Old Wood-Working Machines — information on old woodworking machines, hand-powered and electronic


Wrenching News — an online newsletter for wrench collectors, a must if you want to keep up with events

Galoot pages